ThinkPad X1 - super thin laptop from Lenovo

Lenovo enters the market for ultra-thin laptops. This brand new model will be only 17 millimeters thick. ThinkPad X is an equipment that continues the good tradition of this series of computers.

Thinkpad lovers will find in the new “X” all that they loved in previous models. First of all, ergonomics and style of keyboard is retained , including the TrackPoint, the characteristic red, analog knob locked in between the keys serving as an alternative to the touchpad. Besides, the keyboard is spill-proof (standard used by Lenovo). Modifications are definitely a plus, because there were removed redundant and old buttons, which functionality was added to others. For people who like to work at night, a great convenience are backlit keys, so the computer can be fully comfortable working on without an external source of light.

This is enough when it comes to the features inherited from the older brothers of the ThinkPad series. In addition, ThinkPad X 1 is a very innovative design. Its thickness is only 17 millimeters. In spite of the size, it weighs 1.72 kilograms, which is comparable with the model definitely thicker, Edge 13. It is a result of a robust and very stylish magnesium cabinet. Plus, the screen is coated with a layer of Corning Gorilla glass. The whole structure is so strong that it has successfully passed military tests. This means that the ThinkPad X1 does not disappoint in any situation.

ThinkPad X 1 lenovo

Mobility of equipment was raised to a new level not only because of portability and fault tolerance. Also, worth mentioning is the battery. According to the manufacturer, it is enough for more than 5 hours of work, and its charging to 80% is supposed to take just half an hour. This outstanding result was achieved thanks to new Lenovo technology, - RapidCharge. If such an energy reserve is not enough for us, an external battery will be available, extending the working time to 10 hours.

Miniaturization was not at the expense of performance. The heart of the Thinkpad X1 will be processors from series Intel i3, i5 and i7 (second generation - Sandy Bridge). In addition, it has 8 GB of RAM and SSD with a capacity of 160 GB. It is equipped with HDMI laptop has a great deal with the media, giving the video and audio quality.