Hackers on the offensive - a series of attacks on the institutions

Serious global institutions may feel threatened. Hackers keep an eye on them , and in the name of global action broke into already 72 of them!

McAfee, the company that deals with computer security, has detected the intrusion In its opinion, series of breakings into system has already started six years ago. During this time its victims were computer networks of many institutions worldwide, including the UN, ASEAN, the International Olympic Committee, World Anti-Doping Agency, the governments of Canada, India, South Korea, USA, Vietnam, and Taiwan and a number of companies cooperating with the military, or media.

anonymous hackers

The aim of all activities was stealing data from systems. Information was gained to ensure military, diplomatic or economic superiority. Some attacks were one time actions, and in others data was stolen, even for several months

The scheme of hackers’ work was very simple. They usually sent to selected employees of the institution an email with infected link. When somebody clicked on it, they gained the access to the entire computer network of the institution and were able to search it with impunity.

According to McAfee, behind the series of attacks on computer networks stands a specific country. The company does not want to indicate which, however many speculate that it may be China. Primarily, the selection of institutions that were attacked indicates it.