Google novelties - voice and image search

Google is still on the offensive. Mountainview giant continually improves its search engine and provides users with new options. This time we get an image and voice search.

Novelties were presented at a conference InsideSearch in San Francisco. There will be 4 changes:

1. Search by Image (“picture search”), through which we can obtain information about the object visible on the picture. You just need to drag the interesting graphic on the search window, enter the url of image, load it from your computer or use the appropriate browser plugin - Google will provide the complete information about the object visible in the picture and indicate similar, found on the web. This functionality was previously available for Android users, via Google Goggles.

google images

2. Voice Search (search with voice), which has for some time been available on Android. User by pressing an icon of a microphone will be able to say the search phrase. This is useful especially when we know the specific term, only from hearing and do not know how it writes. Initially, the voice recognition option will operate only in English, and the access to it will be through new version of Chrome. Functionality will be available to all users within a week. It has to be much more efficient compared to the mobile version - faster and more accurate results.

3. Instant pages will be a new feature of Chrome (implemented in the next, stable version), so this means faster access to pages of interest. If search refers to exactly precise phrase, the software will predict which pages from the list of search will intrest users and will start loading them in the background. With this “pre-rendering” they will be displayed immediately after the click on the link.

4. Google Instant for the graphics search. Already known function of updating the search results as you write each character of the phrase will also be connected to the image search.