Games are already available in Google +

Games have been introduced to Google +! Importantly, they are not annoying applications that display on their own, when we use Google. You can turn them on when looking for entertainment.

Introducing Google + games was already announced, so it is no surprise. Especially, that more and more sites are choosing to do so. Thus, it is easier to reach a wide audience. Besides, the social networking site becomes more functional this way, because it gives more entertainment options. To play games, you must enter the appropriate tab.

This means that they do not interfere with the normal use of the Google +. While entering the game, you can browse proposals of games, invitations, but also see how other users did in competitions.

google plus games

As the information on the games reach only those people who want it, Google + is so comfortable to use. It does not take the time unnecessarily, it does not distract from what we are currently doing. At the beginning, there were 16 games. Among them, there are Sudoku, Crime City, Bubble Island. 15 of them are the Flash type, and one is HTML5.

In addition, Google+ plans to add more options that might interest users. Service cares for extremely high quality of games. It should be noted that Google + intends to ask the developers for commission, probably amounting to 5%.